Teeth Cupcake Tattoo with a touch of Gangster

By | March 22, 2012

Teeth Cupcake Tattoo with a touch of Gangster

Some tattoos are ugly, some are stupid… in this case, it’s both to the upteeeeiiinth degree. Cupcakes are cute and all but this one is covered in teeth, blood and some weird yellow specks I can only assume are tonsil stones. Just add some slime, text that says “GANGSTA” and presto chango you got yourself one amazing tattoo to admire each and every day.

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Drew on January 13, 2013 at 2:01 am.

That’s my foot. I love this tattoo. I’m a tattoo artist and the girl that did it is a very talented tattoo artist. Whoever wrote the article on this thanks for the laugh.


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