Street Fighter Video Game Back Tattoo

By | March 20, 2012

Street Fighter Video Game Back Tattoo

What is with all these video game tattoos I’ve been posting? You would like I’m a huge gamer, I’m not. I do however enjoy a good tattoo design and the fact that Ryu is featured in this tattoo is enough to make me love it. Who doesn’t love Ryu. OOOUIAAAWOOOOSKISSSSSS. I remember trying to button mash and whenever I manged to shoot that energy ball I’d do a happy dance while my opponent blocked it and counter-attacked my character to shit. Good times. I digress, this tattoo isn’t really that cool. The fact that it is MASSIVE… and has the word “gamer” written on the controller really puts me off. Now if it was just a big Ryu with the word owned underneath, then he might get laid, but thats one mistake he’s gunna have to cover up at the beach!

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