Skull Sacred Geometry Tattoo Design on Thigh

By | February 28, 2013

Skull Sacred Geometry Tattoo Design on Thigh

Hey wow! This is a tattoo I can get into. It’s a sacred geometry sammich with a bear patty and skull toppings. “Hi can I order a sacred bear sammie with extra horns and bones? Super-sized PLEASE. Hopefully all this fatty sacred bear meat won’t go straight to my thighs.”

In all seriousness this skull geometry tattoo is stunning and the symmetry and placement is perfect.

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Bianca on May 30, 2013 at 1:17 pm.

First, make sure you are old enough to be alwoled to get a tattoo legally in your state. From a practical standpoint, a tattoo on the back or side of your hip will stretch less than one that is more on the belly, but you can expect any of them to stretch some and possibly not go back to normal. Also, make sure that the you know what chemicals are in the ink you are getting and research them online for safety and carcinogenicity before getting that tattoo. The last thing you need is an ink with a toxic chemical in it, especially when you get pregnant.


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