Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoo

By | March 22, 2012

Hello Kitty Zombie Tattoo

Another hello kitty inspired tattoo. I’m not gunna lie, I love Hello Kitty. She’s cute, she’s a kitty and in this design, she’s back from the dead. Who doesn’t love cute things mixed with death? You can be cute and hardcore all at the same time. Imagine! It’s like rocking a leather jacket and a tutu. Tres Chic. While I love this design and as much as I love HK I don’t think I would consider getting a Hello Kitty tattoo… but if you are, go with something a bit more unique then the traditional hello kitty. Some ideas are:

Hello Kitty Ninja
Hello Kitty Brain Surgeon
Hello Kitty Mcdonalds Employee
Hello Kitty Crazy Carnie
Hello Kitty Matador
Hello Kitty Dominatrix

With Hello Kitty Tattoos, almost anything goes.

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