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Dreamcatcher Feather Beads Shoulder Back Tattoo

By | February 28, 2013

Wow, there are a lot of dreamcatcher tattoos out there recently and this one is probably my favorite out of them all. I LOVE how it has the top branch going across her shoulders with the bead detailing and then the dream catchers just hang down her back with the feathers. It’s a feminine and […]

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Girls Faces Audrey Kawasaki Tattoo Design

By | December 8, 2012

This is a gorgeous and unique tattoo, I love how the coloring is very selective and only distinct parts of the hair and body are shaded while the flowers are completely colored in.  The pastel coloring complements the woman’s pale skintone. I’m pretty sure this is a Audrey Kawasaki design, but as far as who […]

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Rose and Cat Leg Tattoo

By | November 9, 2012

Gorgeous and traditional these leg tattoos compliment each other well. I love that they all look like they are done by the same artist. I love the shading in the rose as well as the little pops of colour in the highlights. Tattooing a knee can be hard but this tattoo was really well executed.

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Cherry Blossom Tattoo

By | November 5, 2012

A beautiful black and white cherry blossom tattoo. I love the placement on the thigh and the shading is gorgeous. This tattoo is very feminine and sexy.

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