Carousel Carnival Horse Tattoo on the Ribs

By | March 24, 2012

Carousel Carnival Horse Tattoo on the Ribs

I adore the style of this design. the simple yet controlled black line work and use of colours, really make this design pop. It’s not overly shaded which gives it almost a children’s storybook illustration type feel that goes well with the design. I’m a huge fan of rib tattoos and this is an example of one that is very well done. The shape of the horse and the pole also flows well with the shape of the ribs so this is the perfect placement for a tattoo design like this one.

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Sergey on May 31, 2013 at 1:03 am.

i would go to the tattoo shop and have them draw it up. they rlleay know what they are doing and they can customize it for you and them. when i got mine..i gave him 2 pics and told him how i want certain things then told him to go with what he feels is best. he did an amazing job and i won’t ever regret letting him do it. he did it flawlessly. and im the only person who has this ink. well that is until someone sees it and asks for it. but it was the best thing to do i would go for it..go to the shop and have them draw it up. chances are if you have someone draw it up and they don’t entirely know the whole tattoo process the artist will have to change something on it depending where u get it.


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